The Internet of Things has great potential and IoT applications are rapidly emerging in our everyday life.
Low Power technologies like LoRa and Bluetooth Smart now make it possible to create an entirely new range of highly autonomous products.
An ‘end to end’ IoT application however, requires a complex combination of hardware (‘thing side’), cloud/server side application/analyses and the technology to get the data transmitted.
We offer the combination of skills, resources and partnerships to create an IoT solution, from concept, prototype, pilot to production.
We love IoT ventures, now let's create yours.


Low Power Long Range IoT opens up endless new opportunities for business cases to increase efficiency or to develop entirely new business models. The lean way to quickly discover the potential value of LoRa is to prototype a solution and do a proof of concept. We have the skills, resources and partners in the value chain to effectively validate the proof of concept.
For smart concepts, from smart parking, business park to smart city, LoRa adds a new dimension of possibillities. ‘Things’ can now autonomously transmit sensor data without a power supply infrastructure. With LoRa launch control we help you discover the possibilities of LoRa with several plug and play Lora solutions, from stock fill level to waste management to smart lighting. Furthermore we can help you trial a specific LoRa enabled solution at scale and set up a LoRa infrastructure in a matter of days.
We have built a solid network in the eco-system that has emerged around the LoRa/LoRaWAN value chain. This allows us to help you safe valuable time towards time to market when it comes to building a product or solution based on LoRa. Contact us for consulting engagements.



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